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Vince was diagnosed on June 10th 2015, two days before our wedding.  I will admit, we were both devastated, but we knew that our love would be able to withstand anything, including this horrific disease.  And everyday was special. Everyday we laughed at something.  Everyday we found some form of beauty to admire. Everyday we loved each other a little stronger.  Everyday was filled with smiles.  Everyday was wonderful because we were together.  I miss him today, tomorrow and forever.

Vince Murray  

03/04/1967 ~ 07/08/2016

Bucket List Trip

Shortly after Vince was diagnosed with ALS, we decided to make a Bucket List. And the National Parks were a big part of our list.  So, we took our 6 month old Rhodesian Ridgeback, Dublin, on an amazing trip!  The three of us marveled at the beauty we encountered!  We hit other stops a long the way and we enjoyed every mile of our journey.  Now, Dublin and I plan to add to that trip and pay respect to the beauty and honor Vince at the same time.

The National Parks ALS Awareness Team 2016
Glynis Murray

This is my first time taking a trailer out by myself, so of course I have some nerves, but I know that I can do this!  Vince has taught me well!  Plus I have a lot of RV friends that will be helping me along the way!

Dublin Murray

Dublin serves as comic relief and security! This 110 lbs big guy loves to hike, watch me fish, play with other dogs and hang out with mom! This will be Dublin's second major road trip in a year!  Talk about a well travelled dog!

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